Virtual Medicinary

We are pleased to offer a “Naturopathic Virtual Medicinary” through Fullscript.

Fullscript offers 15% off retail and low cost to free shipping options for our patients when logged in via the link below. Fullscript carries professional grade product lines that include nearly all the brands that we stock in our office, as well as many other high quality products if you are looking for something that we do not carry.

If you are ordering medicinaries prescribed by Dr. Van Dusen, please be sure to check the brand and formula name, or ask Dr. Van Dusen to set up a prescription for you in Fullscript if you are unsure.

There is no access code for Fullscript, simply click the link to set up an account.

Click here to purchase medicinary through Fullscript

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.