About Dr. Van Dusen

Jess Van Dusen, Naturopahtic Physician, Bellingham WADr. Jessica Van Dusen is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Certified Craniosacral Therapist in the state of Washington. She has interest in treating patients with a broad range of conditions from the common cold to chronic disease. She works to create a therapeutic partnership with her patients to help support and guide them toward better health on a physical and emotional level, which she believes is attainable for everyone. Her philosophy is to treat people and not disease, and it shows in her ability to listen and truly consider the whole picture when she works with patients.

Dr. Van Dusen’s interest in Naturopathic Medicine was spawned from her love of nature and her own personal health journey that led her to a Naturopathic Doctor in her early 20’s.  She instantly fell in love with the philosophy and effectiveness of the medicine combined with its connection to nature. Doctoring is a perfect fit for her, as she likes to problem solve, learn new things, teach, and help people. She has adopted Naturopathic Medicine as a way of life, and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

Dr. Van Dusen lives in Bellingham and loves all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In her free time she enjoys backcountry skiing, trail running, sea kayaking, biking, hiking, and mountaineering. She is most often accompanied by her husband Aaron, who’s an artist and metal-smith in Bellingham, and her shepherd husky mix, Reba.


Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine: National College of Natural Medicine, Portland OR, 2010
• High Honors

Certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Patricia O’Rourke, Seattle WA, 2016

BA in Elementary Education:  Alfred University, Alfred NY, 2001
• Summa Cum Laude

While at NCNM, Dr. Van Dusen pursued advanced training in the following areas:

  • Advanced certificate in Homeopathy: New England School of Homeopathy, Amherst, MA
  • Extended rotation and preceptorship in biotherapeutic drainage therapy with Dr. Dickson Thom, ND, DDS
  • Training in Core Synchronism Therapy (a modality very similar to craniosacral therapy) through Anne Hill, ND.


Dr. Van Dusen holds a membership in the following organizations:

  • The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • The Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Sustainable Connections


About Kim Salerno

Kim (or Kimi) is Vital Source’s receptionist. She takes care of office needs, and loves helping patients and keeping things running smoothly.

She was born in South Korea then adopted at the age of 8. She lived with her loving adopted family in the Seattle area until she moved up to Bellingham for college. She currently lives with her long time boyfriend (Bay) and amazing dog (Benzo).

Kimi has a BS in Environmental Science from Western Washington University and has over 10 years of administrative experience. She loves to learn new things and likes to hike, knit, nap, play games and more =)

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